Voxstra is the preferred online learning partner of a number of premium brands. The service was launched to provide a cost effective solution for companies to communicate online with their employees with a view to deliver a practical and functional approach to the development and enhancement of employees within their organisation.

The platform allows for the launch and development of short and long term learning programmes to increase staff retention, job satisfaction, individual and team performance, motivation and brand loyalty.

The online platform offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals to increase their knowledge on a wide range of brands, products, services and processes. An environment where users you can excel, compete online training and surveys, gain access to resources and messages in addition to personal and career developments

Voxstra offers a wide range of elements that include:

Notifications - Notifications are used to alert users when new training modules and surveys go live, comments on photos are made and when message board responses are posted.

Training Modules - Training modules for brands, products, processes and services are available. The modules are presented as text, images, key points and/or videos.

Surveys - This section allows for data to be accurately captured and analysed on a specific product, service, process or promotion.

Resources - Documents are available to be viewed online and can be printed so knowledge can be increased on brands, products, services and processes.

Polls - The Polls that are available are different to the surveys as they are only question. This section allows for data to be quickly captured on any subject.

Forum - The forum/message board allows users to communicate with each other and with the brands, companies and organisations who have active training modules and resources.

Competitions - Regular competitions are published for all members to enter. Technology products, cinema ticket, experience days and shopping voucher are all available.

Refer a Colleague - Users are able to earn reward points for referring colleagues to join the site/community.

Photo Booth - This section allows members to log in and receive reward points for uploading images of current activity.

Leagues - The Leader Board allows for a range of leagues to be shown that give a competitive edge to the available training. It is possible for leagues to be organised for individuals and/or teams.

Ambassador Status - Complete regular training modules to receive reward points, incentives, certificates and achieve Brand Ambassador status.

Reward Points - Earn reward points for socially interacting with the site and having involvement with the training modules, photo booth, surveys, polls and referring colleagues. As reward points are earned they can be used to receive incentives.

- We believe that users should be rewarded for socially interacting with Voxstra. There are a wide range of incentives available that include cinema tickets, technology products, experience days and holidays.

Certificates – Complete eLearning modules to achieve certificates. These documents become downloadable when training modules are completed and are saved to members profiles and can also be printed to be kept as a reference.

There are a wide variety of areas that Voxstra can launch, manage and deliver. These include:

• Product Training
• Online Surveys
• Blended Learning
• Message Delivery
• Brand Training
• Process Training
• HR Training

We believe in what we deliver and ensure that all the services we offer are delivered to the best of our ability at all times. All clients are treated individually and we always exceed in what we are asked to deliver at all times and we have become trusted to provide training, resources and messages both nationally and internationally.

• Communication - We believe in communicating with our clients so everyone involved with a project has a clear understanding on what is happening and when.
• Listening – We listen to our customers and believe that regular dialogue is healthy.
• Helping - At all times we are available to help our clients achieve their aims and objectives.
• Taking the extra step - As we enjoy what we do going the extra mile is never seen as a problem.
• Cloud Based App Productivity And Communication

The available apps have been designed for the smaller screens of mobile devices to allow full functionality of Voxstra and allow users the flexibility to access training modules, resources, surveys and messages both in the office and on the move.

Users have the benefit of accessing online training, resources, surveys and messages at a time that is convenient to them with no increase in cost or travel time.

The available resources can be saved and accessed at any stage and used as a reference point to provide users 24/7 access.

Fresh content is made available for individuals so their knowledge on a brand, product or service can be increased. Incentives can be made available for this activity.

All content that is launched and managed by Voxstra is polished and professional. Training modules that are both attractive and functional are far more likely to be completed and understood.


The analytics that are made available for Voxstra offer a highly effective resource that tracks and collates data from every area of the platform, so a detailed report can be produced on the sites user activity. The administration panel allows 24/7 access to the analytics so it is always possible for accurate insights to be gained on the specific learning patterns and platform activity of registered users at all times.

• Have 24/7 access to real time data and valuable analytics.
• Online reporting reduces time, saves cost and increases productivity.
• Create one document that shows the data from multiple sections of a project

The data that is made available is essential for business owners and project managers, providing them with access to live data on the active eLearning programmes that deliver an exact view point on the current activity, providing visibility on how a project is performing.

For companies that are looking for a branded solution it is possible for the Voxstra platform to be fully branded to match the identity of an organisation.

If you would like to receive a free no obligation demonstration of Voxstra or if you would prefer an informal conversation regarding any of the individual elements that are offered then please make contact with Boyd Robathan at bcr@rbrsystems.co.uk