RBR Systems deliver expert advice and guidance for retail organisations that are looking to achieve their full potential. This is done by launching and managing dedicated online portals that deliver training, learning, resources and messages. Everything that we do for the retailers we work with is unique and personalised and offers the employees an interactive route to increase their knowledge of the brands and products that are available to their customers.

The Ideal

  • In an ideal world all retail store staff would have expert knowledge and be trained on all new products to market.
  • All retail staff would have direct access to a product specialist.
  • Retail staff would be trained on a regular basis in an environment that would allow them to concentrate.
  • The training would be personalised for every member of staff that would allow them to understand and learn.
  • All retail staff would receive full support from all suppliers that would enable them to effectively sell the available products.

The Reality

  • There is a lack of flexibility that allows training and messages to be delivered quickly.
  • It is not possible for the training / messages to be personalised for each individual.
  • The majority of training takes place on the shop floor. Whilst very important, this is not always ideal due to time restraints and territories.
  • Incentives to generate an increase in sales and for retail store staff to complete product training and become product specialists is difficult to implement and manage.

The Solution

RBR Systems offer a personalised on-going learning system which caters for the individual learning and training needs for each user. An initial online test determines the training needs of the user. From this point, personalised learning modules are chosen suitable for that user. As the user proceeds through the training modules their progress is monitored; this automatically generates a report that provides an overview of each user’s progress through the required learning modules. The data from the reports is closely monitored and highlight any learning gaps that could be improved upon. Users are encouraged by rewards and incentives to complete the available training modules.