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The Online Revolution

The advancement of tablets and smartphones that all have multiple screen sizes and also connectivity are changing the way that we all shop both off and online. These developments are opening up a world of new opportunities for independent business owners that want to capture the attention of customers to increase their exposure and income.

The difference between offline and online shopping is not what it is used to be with consumers no longer seeing them as two separate areas. It is now more important than ever for business owners to understand what is now available to them and how they can communicate.

In The Past:
Consumers would visit a business with very little knowledge on the products or services that they were interested in purchasing.
Business owners would have to take the time to learn their customers’ needs, wants and requirements.
The internet was only used for research.

Researching products and services has become second nature so that consumers are comfortable with their purchases and that they are acquired at the lowest price that is available. Digital makes that possible. It also opens the door for business owners to become involved with those customer journeys to inspire and stimulate consumers at the time when they are researching and ready to make those all important purchases.

In a connected world we all have mobile devices. Those devices can help all business owners learn the buying habits of both their existing and potential customers and also enable them to communicate their products, services, messages and promotions.

All of us are always on the lookout for offers, deals and promotions. It is the business owners that understand and grasp digital that will increase their customer base and also their income.

Using mobile devices effectively means that consumers are aware of what products and services are available to them and at what cost.

The world of digital has made sharing our opinions on services and products a very simple procedure. To maximise income business owners need to be aware of all the available options that digital offers and have a clear understanding on the best options that enable them to communicate cost effectively with their existing and potential customers to maximise their income.

Business owners should not be looking at the digital world as gadgets and technology. They need to see it as routine and habit. The business owners that do that should also be integrating their online tools with their customer service, marketing and sales activity.

If the right choices and decisions are made then both the hardware and software become invisible and consumers receive exactly what they want at a time and place that is convenient to them.

If you would like to discuss the advantage of utilising digital to increase revenue or are interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan using


Smartphones & Tablets

As the range of good quality affordable smartphones and tablets with stable operating systems increases consumers have a large choice of what mobile devices they use, when they use them and more importantly what they do with them. Online shopping has become established and is on the increase. Yahja that has been developed by RBR Systems allows independent retailers and organisations the opportunity to have a regular online exposure of their products and/or services to maximise their income potential.

For the first time the website traffic of retail stores has been higher on mobile devices than on traditional desktops. This a big change and one that needs to be understood by everyone involved with generating revenue from the world of digital. It is predicted that the sales of tablets is going to decrease with smartphones becoming the chosen device and with more than 75% of the population in the UK having access to a 4G network it is now quicker and easier for consumers to access information.

At RBR Systems we are constantly researching the launch and development of mobile devices to improve the online platforms that we offer. If you would like to discuss how Yahja could increase footfall for your business or organisation then please make contact with Boyd Robathan using


Voxstra - Analytics

The analytics to which Voxstra clients have access to become part of a powerful real time reporting tool that pulls data from multiple areas to provide a single report that has impact and shows exactly what is happening at all times.

The analytics deliver a clear understanding and a valuable insight to the individual learning trends of all registered users. The data is monitored and allows for strategic decisions to be made regarding personalised online learning programmes. The available statistics go much deeper than just monitoring; they provide an up to date accurate view of all site performance that include all interaction and performance.

Voxstra administration panel gives access to an analytics area containing a dashboard section that allow a quick and simple view of new registered users, site visits, users online, most active users and the last users online.

Each element of the platform has its own analytics section making it possible for data to be viewed and downloaded on which users have completed the most training modules and how many online surveys have been submitted. Should more detailed data be required, it is a simple procedure to monitor the trends of all users.

In short, this area allows you to:

  • Have 24/7 access to real time data and valuable analytics.
  • Online reporting reduces time, saves cost and increases productivity.
  • Create one document that shows the data from multiple sections of a project.

The data that is made available provided by Voxstra is essential for business owners and project managers, providing them with access to live data on the active eLearning programmes that deliver an exact view point on the current activity and provide visibility into how a project is performing.

The data allows for online training modules to be updated and efficiency, productivity and effectiveness to all be improved.

If you would like to discuss Voxstra or any of the additional services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan at


Voxstra Explained

Voxstra was launched to provide a cost effective solution to increase the knowledge and awareness of brands, products, services and processes. The relationship that companies and organisations have with their customers, partners and employees is continually changing. Those relationships need to be managed and be allowed to develop. The Virtual Trainer provides the required feedback for that to happen.

Below is an overview of the individual elements that Voxstra offers:

Notifications - Notifications are used to alert users when new training modules and surveys go live, comments on images are made and when message board responses are posted.

Training Modules - Training modules for brands, products, processes and services. Users are able to take any number of modules. The modules are presented as videos, sales sheets and images alongside key points and questions and answers.

Surveys - This section allows for data to be accurately captured and analysed on a specific product, service, process or promotion.

Resources – Documents are available to be viewed online and can be printed so knowledge can be increased on brands, products, services and processes.

Polls – This section allows for data to be quickly captured on any subject. Yes/No answers only.

Message Board - The message board allows members to communicate with each other. Restrictions can be put in place and it is possible for an FAQ section to be added.

Competitions - Regular competitions can be made available for all members to enter. Technology products, cinema ticket, experience days and shopping vouchers can all be made available to be won.

Refer a Colleague - Users generate reward points for referring colleagues to join the community.

Photo Booth - This section allows users to log in and receive reward points for uploading images of current activity. Comments can be posted on images.

League Tables - The league tables allows for a range of leagues to be shown that give a competitive edge to the available training. It is possible for leagues to be organised for individuals and/or teams.

Reward Points - Users generate reward points for socially interacting with the site and having involvement with the training modules, photo booth, surveys, polls, message board and for referring colleagues. As a reward, points are earned which can be used to receive the available incentives.

Incentives - We believe that users should be rewarded for socially interacting with the site. There are a wide range of incentives available that include cinema tickets, technology products, experience days and holidays.

Certificates - Complete eLearning modules to achieve certificates. These documents become downloadable when training modules are completed and are saved to users’ profiles and can also be printed to be kept as a reference and record of professional development.

Analytics - Dashboard reporting is available to provide a detailed view on every element of the site. The analytics allow for group and individual learning plans to be planned, delivered and managed.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of Voxstra in detail or interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan at


The Advantages of eLearning

eLEarning offers many benefits that traditional classroom style teaching does not offer. For most companies the biggest plus is that the training modules and resources are available worldwide 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a company or organisation has employees, retailers or sales teams in countries with different time zones there is no problem with online learning delivering the required brand or product training. The main benefits of launching and delivering a well managed eLearning programme are:

  • Reduced Costs - Cost is a large factor why eLearning is the route that more and more organisations are choosing. With increased travel and accommodation costs it makes sense that training modules be delivered online. This allows the available funds to be focused on delivering quality content.
  • Up-to-Date Content –Training modules and resources can be made available at a much lower cost than printing books and manuals and all text and images can be easily amended and updated.
  • Flexible– Having training modules and resources available online provide time savings for both students and instructors. This allows everyone involved to commit as much time is available at a time that suits them to completing the required training.
  • Increased Access –As more companies, organisations and associations now operate in more than one country with employees living in more than location. Having training modules online is the perfect solution and gives the maximum access for individuals who are travelling more and have very little interaction within an office environment.
  • Analytics –As with all well managed online projects analytics can be delivered to show the exact numbers of users who have accessed the available content, what training modules they have passed or failed and if any resources have been downloaded. With a clear understanding of the provided data it is possible to monitor and highlight any learning gaps and improve them.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of eLearning in more detail or interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan at



'Blended Learning' in the retail environment

Creating an awareness of brands inside a retail environment is financially rewarding for manufactures, distributors, resellers and of course retailers.

Developing and managing a direct relationship between a manufacture, distributor, reseller and the individuals who are involved with generating the sales is important if a brand is to become established and income generated.

When interacting with customers it is more important than ever these days that sales people have a clear understanding and in depth knowledge of the brands and products that are available for customers to purchase.

The ideal situation for all manufactures, distributors and resellers is that all retail staff receive regular brand and product training and are aware of all current promotions and price changes. The relationships that do exist are between head offices. Having those relationships in position is important but without having contact with the individuals who generate the sales it is all too easy for a product to be left on the shelf.

Developing these relationships has traditionally been challenging due to timescale and cost. A solution that has been launched to assist brands, distributors and resellers to have regular contact with retail sales staff is the blended learning service that is delivered by Voxstra. The service is unique and incorporates the online delivery of programmes, resources, surveys, messages alongside face to face store visits by a representative from a brand.

The incentives that are available for retail store staff to receive for interacting with Voxstra range from cinema tickets, high street shopping vouchers, experience days, technology products and holidays. The activity of the site is tracked and monitored by analytics so it allows individuals incentives programmes to be launched and managed. The greater the interaction that store staff have with Voxstra enables manufactures, distributors, resellers and retailers to better understand the store staff and launch unique on going personalised learning programmes.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of Blended Learning in more detail or interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan at


The Online Learning Revolution

At RBR Systems we believe that eLearning has the potential to considerably change the education process in a constructive and positive direction.

Users that have had involvement with a virtual learning program will have become engaged, been able to study and learn at a speed that is suitable to them and have received an education that is more personalised and of a higher grade than they would have received in a traditional classroom environment.

eLearning allows a small number of trainers to educate many hundreds of students. This allows schools, universities, companies, organisations and associations to have involvement with online learning and support a large numbers of students.

The technology that supports and allows eLearning to be delivered has been developing very quickly and has become both secure and established. There a wide range of industries that support eLearning that include:

  • Technology
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Medical

There are many benefits for companies, organisations and associations to have a managed eLearning programme so all employees can learn, be supported and given the opportunity to advance their careers.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of eLearning in more detail or interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan at



Tech Brands at Retail

There have been many reports published claiming that the internet is killing the high street. The big question is who needs retail stores when items can be purchased by the click of a button.

What is interesting is the largest technology companies are realising that they have a great deal to gain from having direct contact with consumers. If we look at tablets, mobile phones, computers and cameras we will see that many products have the same screen size, battery life, weight and cost.

For consumers to make the correct decisions and to purchase the right products for them it is vital that that the key points of all products are communicated with the individuals who are involved with communicating with consumers.

The concept of brands launching their own retail environments is not new. In 1999 Microsoft opened a retail store, Gateway and Dell also opened retail space that allowed them to communicate directly with consumers. Unfortunately all those stores were closed with the brands continuing to distribute their products through the available existing retailers.

Since closing down their initial store Microsoft now operate 51 stores and are looking to expand that number.

In 2001 Apple opened their first store, they now have 417 locations worldwide. Those stores allow Apple to control the messaging that is delivered to both employees and customers and also how consumers interact with the latest products.

Both Apple and Microsoft have proven that operating their own retail stores gives them control and allows them to communicate messages how and when they want. With owning the retail space the brands have been able to control brand and product training.

With the competition now more fierce than ever to generate sales and to increase market share it is going to be interesting to watch the large technology brands expand their retail portfolios to maximise and control their exposure.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of Product Training in more detail or interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then make contact with Boyd Robathan at



Voxstra - Development

In May 2013 Boyd Robathan began the development of an exciting new online communication and productivity initiative: Voxstra

Since then the development have worked tirelessly to bring the service provided by RBR Systems up to the high level that is now available. During 2013 there was a great deal learnt regarding the challenges of the launch and development of an eLearning platform; from extensive research of what companies, organisations and associations have been looking for in an online service, Boyd began to understand and implement features which would suit the needs of customers.

From organised focus group activity and online surveys, we quickly understood that although eLearning was a very important requirement, the majority of business owners and company directors were looking for more. We are now more confident than ever that what we provide a great deal more than an eLearning tool; PhotoBooth, online surveys message delivery and a message board/forum are just a few of the additional features offered by Voxstra. These additional elements allow communication to happen in a way that has not been possible before.

However, this does not mean that in 2015 we will now sit back and rest on our laurels. It is our aim to continue with establishing Voxstra and with the development of the service. Ongoing research ensures that any new technological developments which could enhance the service for our customers can be included.

The flexiblity of Voxstra allows for companies, organisations and associations to choose which elements they would like to purchase and personalise them.

If you would like to discuss Voxstra to understand in detail what is available or to arrange an online demonstration or meeting make contact with Boyd Robathan at


Apps Are Transforming Business

The sales of tablets and smart phones and tablets has clearly increased over the last five years. And as the cost of portable devices becomes less we are only going to see more people accessing content whilst on the move.

To access wired and wireless networks and cloud based solutions has become easier and more affordable. For companies, now is the time to react and look at the available options of launching apps to increase productivity, reduce costs and streamline a wide range of business activity.

If you are involved with a business that does not have access to cloud based communication and productivity that can be accessed by an app on mobile devices, then now is the time to make contact with us. RBR Systems delivers Voxstra that offers a wide range of services that include eLearning, Surveys, Polls, Message Boards and a Photo Booth. Each one of those elements can be personalised and can all become valuable assets.

If you would like to discuss Voxstra to understand in detail what we offer or to arrange an online demonstration or meeting make contact with Boyd Robathan at



The Power of Online Surveys

A workforce that does not feel connected to the achievements of a company are employees who will be searching for other employment and will not perform to their best ability. Thankfully this a simple solution. Conducting online surveys gives the opportunity for both employers and employees to provide valuable feedback at a time that is convenient to them.

Employees should not be regarded as cogs in a machine and not be treated as bodies in chairs. An effective manager understands that their workforce is a network of assorted individuals who have a wide variety of skills, knowledge, attitudes and feelings.

For an employee to share their thoughts can be both daunting and terrifying. Individuals working inside a company will all have their own unique approach to voicing their opinions. Online surveys provide engagement and are an efficient method that enable employees to voice their opinions and make suggestions.

Even in a work environment where company owners and management work closely with employees it can still be uncomfortable for individuals to communicate any concerns or ideas. Below are some suggestions on potential usages for online surveys:

  • Uncover deficiencies in company strategies and procedures
  • Assess the satisfaction of employees.
  • Evaluate employee grammar, intelligence and skills.
  • Obtain suggestions and opinions for services, products, strategies and policies.

Companies, organisations and associations that operate the delivery and management of structured online survey activity will enable employees the opportunity to be involved with decisions and activities. Having engaged employees allows them to recognise that their company is a place to belong. As employee retention is a measure of successful management, it is important that employees see that they are listened to and that they are appreciated. Below are some of the benefits of well structured survey activity:

  • All employees will acquire an audience for their opinions and suggestions.
  • Business owners and management gain the precise opinions of all employees, strengthening a deeper relationship between all individuals working inside the organisation.
  • The level of understanding of employees on the products and or services that are delivered by the company can be received.
Online Surveys is one of the services that is offered by Voxstra that is managed by RBR Systems, the specialists in the management of Cloud Based Communication and Productivity.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of Online Surveys or are interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan using


Cloud Based Communication and Productivity

Experiencing challenging customer requirements, managing an increase in activity from competitors, winning new business and sustaining loyalty from existing clients are all daily challenges for companies, organisations and associations.

Keeping everything on track in a fast moving and demanding environment can easily be kept under control if employees have the benefit of being able to work efficiently from multiple locations. The big question is how can technology benefit employees to deliver the required information at all times.

Companies, organisations and associations have a wide range of cloud based options that give real time access to sophisticated solutions. They all offer the potential for users to work efficiently and with increased consistency and precision. These options can all be accessed on desktops, tablets and smartphones, from any location and can be delivered at a cost much lower than has ever been possible. Cloud based solutions have more benefits than just being able to be accessed on any internet enabled device. These include the ability to monitor the productivity of all users whilst they work effectively and remotely.

Access to online services also remove the pressure on companies, organisations and associations to make large financial investments of servers and boxed solutions for their employees as training modules; eLearning messages and resources can easily be accessed with no upfront purchase.

Cloud based communication and productivity application Voxstra was designed and launched to deliver a range of elements that enable employees to effectively work from any location, work with others in real time and deliver the most effective solutions to work based problems. This set of cloud based elements enables all users to access training modules, messages, images, resources, documents, notifications, surveys and polls on mobile devices and at any location twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Voxstra enables all registered users to have access to valuable information wherever they are. This means that the latest training, messages and resources can all be accessed without making unnecessary trips to the office that take time and cost money.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of Cloud Based Communication and Productivity or are interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan using


Workplace Productivity

Employee productivity is an increasing difficulty for businesses. However, employees should not be held 100% responsible for reduced output. Business owners and management should be available to give encouragement and guidance for all employees. This support ensures that all individuals are motivated and happy. All individuals like to be recognised for their achievements and listened to by management.

It is well known fact that a workforce needs to be given direction, support and management and for an organisation to be successful, the employees have to be trusted and provided with the flexibility to work in their own style that they believe will deliver the required results.

Employees are satisfied and happy when they are given the opportunity to develop and improve their skills and be given the opportunity to learn by receiving training. This enables them to progress and perform better as they apply their own ideas and knowledge. With limited time available, the delivery of a well planned and executed eLearning program is one option that allows for training to be completed when time allows.

Employee talent is a valuable and precious resource for a business. It is important that is acknowledged and developed so all individuals are committed and focused to deliver results. Rewarding employees that deliver results shows them that are recognised and makes them continue to produce great work.

Working alone is not always the preferred solution. Team work can also assists in improving productivity as it provides greater input. Building an effective team structure delivers results and can bring out the best in employees.

The top performing staff are the employees that are happy. There are a wide range of areas including working conditions that need to be balanced for a happy workforce. To achieve this, work should be enjoyable, interesting and challenging.

For a business to be successful it has to be driven by productivity and efficiency and with a wide range of cost effective technology based platforms and equipment available there is no reason why employees are not provided with the right tools for the job.

eLearning is one of the services that is offered by the Voxstra platform that is managed by RBR Systems, the specialists in the management of Cloud Based Communication and Productivity.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of eLearning or are interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan using


TheTravelTradeHub is Born

RBR Systems has now been officially launched TheTravelTradeHub. An online cost effective communication and productivity platform that was specifically developed and launched for the travel industry.

The platform has been made available for all companies and individuals that have involvement with the travel industry. One of the main elements of the site is eLearning. This enables tourist boards, hotels, airlines, car hire companies and golf courses to directly deliver and track the learning activity of their unique content for all registered companies and agents. For completing site, activity all individuals have the opportunity to receive rewards that can include shopping vouchers, cinema tickets and itunes vouchers.

Boyd Robathan, who is Head of Business Development for RBR Systems, said “From research we know that travel agents want to increase their knowledge and that hotels, golf courses and tourist attractions want to expand the awareness of what they offer. What we have developed and launched is an online communication and productivity site that will manage the delivery of eLearning, resources, surveys, polls and messages to all registered users.”

Detailed analytics are available on all site activity, there is the opportunity to monitor the training/learning of all registered users. This allows for personalised learning programmes to be launched and monitored so different modules can be made available to different users.

The site can be accessed by the traditional desktop and also via the developed apps so access is possible on tablet computers and smartphones.

Companies, organisations or associations who are involved with travel and tourism and are interested to increase their exposure should make contact with Boyd Robathan on 07970 91 33 34 to discuss details further.

For more information or to request images, please contact Boyd Robathan at


The Virtual Trainer is Launched

RBR Systems is pleased and excited to launch a new and unique service that has been branded as Voxstra -
Voxstra is an online service that delivers training modules, resources, surveys and messages that allow companies, organisations and associations to connect online with their clients and/or employees. The site can be accessed by a desktop, laptop, android devices, ipads and iphones via the bespoke app that has been developed.

Bespoke eLearning programmes are one of the main services that are offered and provides a cost effective route for the administration and distribution of innovative and engaging surveys, messages, resources and creative eLearning modules.

Boyd Robathan, who is Head of Business Development for RBR Systems, said the Voxstra service is something that is unique and can go across any and every industry and will allow companies to streamline their product, staff or organisation quickly and easily whilst having the ability to instantly see results which will give them a competitive edge in whatever field they work in”

Companies, organisations or associations who are looking to personalise the delivery of eLearning and ensure their staff are being engaged correctly should make contact with RBR Systems to discuss details further.

ABOUT Voxstra
Voxstra was launched to deliver a cost effective solution for companies, organisations and associations to increase the knowledge of products, brands, processes and services. For information on Voxstra go to

For more information or to request images, please contact Boyd Robathan at RBR Systems at or 07970 91 33 34.


RBR Systems Announces New Joint Venture With Mind Fit

A joint venture has been agreed between RBR Systems Ltd and Mind Fit Ltd to develop, deliver and manage personalised online learning, surveys, resources and messages to individuals and organised groups.

All individuals have unique learning requirements and there will be eLearning and resources that will help them to think flexibly and appropriately, be able to connect meaningfully with others and be driven with a real sense of purpose.

This JV will focus on improving the performance of organisations by increasing the productivity of individuals. Mind Fit helps these individuals remove or reduce behavioral waste and focus efforts on improving their performance.

By combining the Voxstra platform that is owned by RBR Systems with the knowledge and experience that Mind Fit has, provides a valuable, bespoke and flexible service.

Boyd Robathan, who is Head of Business of Business Development for RBR Systems, said “Combining RBR Systems’s Voxstra online platform with Mind Fit enables us to offer unique personalised online learning and resources to companies and individuals. The content that is created by Mind Fit is very valuable and the opportunity for the two businesses to work closely with each other is very exciting. I am looking forward to developing my working relationship with Neville and the rest of the Mind Fit team.”

Neville Gaunt who is CEO for Mind Fit said “The growth of the digital age means we have far more information than ever before and we all need help to use it and have the confidence to make the best decisions. With RBR’s platform and our process we aim to give employees a simple solution that will help them stay focused, in control and be fully engaged with their situation so they deliver the best decision for the organisation.”

Companies, organisations or associations who are looking to personalise the delivery of a blended eLearning solution and ensure their staff operate at their best whatever the context may be, should make contact with either Boyd Robathan on 07970 91 33 34 or Neville Gaunt on 07713 64 08 53 to discuss details further.

For more information or to request images, please contact
Boyd Robathan at RBR, 07970 91 33 34

Neville Gaunt at Mind Fit, 07713 64 08 53