Voxstra delivers electronic learning that is both informative and educational. Training modules to educate on a brand, product or service can include text, images, videos, questionnaires and online surveys. eLearning provides employees of a company or organisation the flexibility to complete training at a time that suits them.

There are also substantial benefits for employers and employees as less time is spent away from the office. From research it is proven that eLearning is an effective learning solution and can lead to increased job satisfaction and employee retention. We work closely with our clients to understand their short, medium and long terms objectives from launching and managing an eLearning programme.

The main benefits of eLearning are:

  • It is possible to access resources, complete training and learning from work or home with no traveling time or costs involved.
  • Individuals or teams can complete training modules at their own pace. If the available training is not successfully passed then it is possible for those modules to be easily taken again.
  • Resources and training modules allows individuals to become trained easily. When time does not allow for traditional classroom learning to be made available eLearning is the solution.
  • It is easy for organisations and companies to offer rewards and incentives for individuals to access and complete training modules.
  • Training modules can be accessed and completed over a short or long term period. This allows short, medium and long term learning paths to be launched and managed.
  • Traditionally the delivery of resources and training modules has been expensive. eLearning can be distributed and monitored to a wide audience for a much lower cost.

eLearning has quickly established itself as a valuable asset to organisations, associations and companies. Delivering resources, messages, surveys and training modules online gives individuals a greater chance to become educated on a brand, product or service without the high costs and time that are involved with classroom learning. Geographically there are no boundaries involved with delivering and managing online resources and training modules. This benefits organisations, associations and companies that have associates or employees in multiple locations who are required to complete training and surveys.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of eLearning or interested in the other services that are offered by RBR Systems then please make contact with Boyd Robathan at bcr@rbrsystems.co.uk