Traditionally training and resources were delivered face to face in a classroom environment. This approach has many benefits as it more personal than eLearning where there is no physical contact with the participants. The Blended Learning that is delivered by Voxstra integrates online training modules with face to face communication.

The main reason that companies and organisations utilise Blended Learning is that it delivers a personal approach with trainers available both on and offline to give their full support to participants whilst they complete their training modules.

  • Participants have the ability to submit all training modules electronically.
  • Messages can be instantly delivered to participants to give training updates.
  • Participants have the opportunity to communicate with each other and learn together.
  • Personalised learning development plans can be delivered and managed.
  • Resources and training modules are available for participants online 24/7.
  • Face to face interactive learning/training is provided.
  • Feedback can be provided both off and online to to support the learning.
  • Participants can quickly and easily provide feedback and/or ask questions.

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